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Arrow Chassis X4 Vegas DD2


  • 30/32mm diameter European grade stress relieved chrome moly tubing chassis structure with removable 32mm front torsion bar
  • Metallic-finish powder coated chassis available in Cobalt Blue
  • 1048mm wheelbase
  • Includes all brackets and fittings to mount Rotax 125 MAX DD2 engine and associated hardware (radiator, exhaust, fuel pump, wiring loom, gearshift, battery etc.)
  • Black 40mm axle supported on brake side by Arrow's new seat stay/ride height adjustable bearing flange
  • 90mm long machined billet alloy rear wheel hubs
  • Optional magnesium front and rear hubs - front 17mm/70mm - rear 40mm/85mm
  • Ultra-light quick-change 3-bolt type machined billet alloy sprocket hub
  • 18mm wide grooved and vented rear brake disc, floating machined billet alloy hub with inbuilt self-loosening system for quick axle changes
  • Radially mounted black anodised billet alloy brake caliper with floating disc (self-adjusting option available)
  • Black anodised machined billet alloy two-spot front brake calipers with air-cooled pistons
  • Arrow ventilated front brake discs
  • Black anodised twin machined billet alloy brake master cylinders with Arrow's unique integrated front-to-rear brake balance/bias bar system
  • Braided stainless steel brake lines
  • Forged alloy and machined billet alloy 2-piece pedals
  • Arrow's revolutionary new billet alloy adjustable heel rest
  • Arrow's self-centering seat washers
  • Stiff high tensile European grade steel front stub axles
  • Quick-change front wheel track via slide-able machined billet hub and lined front wheel spindle.
  • 10mm precision ground king-pins
  • Adjustable camber/caster and front ride height system
  • 2 position adjustable Ackerman, with 2 positions steering sensitivity adjustment
  • Machined billet alloy fully adjustable steering tie rods
  • 6-litre quick-release removable fuel tank
  • Embroidered, flat top and bottom steering wheel, with unique oval grip
  • Arrow's steering bush with clamp for simple front end alignment
  • 'Arrow X4' graphics kit including full colour floortray
  • Douglas SE-Series black powder-coated magnesium wheels: Front bolt-on type 130mm (5.1") wide x 5" diameter; Rear 205mm (8.0") wide x 5" diameter



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