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Exprit Nordix Jnr Kart 40mm Axle


NORDIX is composed by a frame realized with Ø 28 mm tubes in molybdenum chrome steel with 1010 mm wheelbase, suitable for
drivers from 12 to 14 years old. It is available in the Basic version with OTK components in machined aluminium and axle of Ø 40mm
 It is provided with eccentric washers which allow the adjustment of the camber and caster and with front bar which allows to
modify the rigidity of the frame. It is supplied without footrest and equipped with OTK BSM brake system, 3 spokes steering wheel covered with alkantara, new 3lt fuel tank 2013 model, OTK M4 bodyworks complete with stickers and rear chromium-plated bumper (Pictures are for illustration purposes only. Engine is not included)



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